Francis Blackler gatehouse taken in 1970 - click for modern view
Francis Blackler house front garden 1910
The same garden
Detail of ornamental pool
William Blackler house near Buca square in 1971, then used as a student hostel, now replaced with high rise apartments.
A village street in Buca, which appears to be a Turkish quarter, possibly in the hilly 'Tilkilik' area.
The quay of Smyrna, with the rails of the Punta tram snaking in the distance and agricultural produce probably being brought to the warehouses near Konak. The Punta shoreline shows the French customs' pier on the right (the roll-over zooms in), and is clearly taken before the 1922 fire.
All photos kindly provided by Paul Manussis, the son of Daphnee Manussis.