The two pages of the passport passes issued by the Venitian authorities to the first Baltazzi of the Levant, Marino Baltazzi, dated 1746. Translation courtesy of Alex Baltazzi:
[The first two lines are in Latin, as far as I understand it is addressed to] all Authorities, Nobles, Podestas, Captains, Rectors and Venetian Consuls.
“It results that from the documents produced? (delivered?) to this magister? (magistrato)”. Marino Baltazzi who is going to Smyrna (alle Smirne) is a Venetian subject (suddito Veneto) and has not only to be recognised as Venetian but has to be assisted and protected, giving him any help on any occurance and let him enjoy (godere) all prerogatives (privileges?) which are due to him and which are provided to all Venitian subjects .... (can’t read the rest).
December 1746
Note: Alexander Benaki in his book of biographic notes “The Baltazzis” (Athens, 1948) mentions that besides this passport of 9 Dec 1746 of Marino Baltazzi there is also another Venetian one dated 6 May 1774 of Demetrio Baltazzi, nephew of Marino and for Evangelino Baltazzi son of Demetrio dated 7 May 1788.
The Baltazzi family Venetian arms.
The Baltazzi family Austrian arms, post-dating takeover of the city state by the Austrians and obtaining the title of the ‘Ritter’ nobility.
One of the share certificates for the company ‘Societe General de l’Empire Ottoman’, founded in 1864 by the Ottoman Bank and important bankers of the time, Aristide Baltazzi, Camondo, Alberti and Zarifi. Signed by the chairman Aristide Baltazzi Bey.
image source, ‘Dictionaire des Grand Familles d’Albanie et de Constantinople’ by Michail Dimitri Sturdza
Princess Julie Caradja, (Born Baltazzi, 1865-1945) daughter of Aristide Baltazzi Bey and wife of the Ambassador George Caradja
The photograph is subtitled in the book as follows: ‘La Princesse Caradja, née Baltazzi, avant l’ouverture du Grand Bal de la Cour, Berlin 1903’.
Man standing behind: Count Albert Graf St. Julien, family legend has it he may be a reincarnation.
Lady sitting: Countess Marie Virginie St. Julien (nee Baltazzi) 1848-1927, Theodore Baltazzi’s daughter and sister of Baroness Helen Vetsera. She married in 1866 A.G. St. Julien, but divorced in 1876 and married Otto Graf von Stockau.
Lady crouching: Baroness Helen Vetsera (nee Baltazzi), wife of Baron Albin Vetsera and mother of Mary Vetsera (Mayerling).
Man sitting: Baron Albin Vetsera, photo dated 1865.
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image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
John (Jean) Baltazzi, brother of my great-grandfather Demostene in Egypt. He was born in Izmir on 1865 and died in Alexandria in 1937 a bachelor. His brother Emanuel said he had a big fortune and many estates in Egypt where he lived. I know he lived in his the villa of Bulkely - Ramleh (passed on to Maria - Mano Defterego), his wealth should be derived from banking interests. As already mentioned by Syngros (Syngrou) in his memoirs there was a trade in horses from Russia to the Egyptian Palace for Leonidas and Miltiades Baltazzi. May be this trade interest was continuing.
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
Alexander Baltazzi, my grandfather.
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
My father Constantine as a young man.
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
My father Constantine in Egypt - 1940s.
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
My father at Kuşadası port - early 70s, as he was the agent of the 3 cruise ships seen in the picture.
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
On the left, the former Mayor of Izmir Yüksel Çakmur (Boudjaiot), me in the centre and Mr Selami Gürgüç in the right – director of İZFAŞ (Izmir Fairs) shaking hands after the success of the Meturex Tourism Fairs 1992 and 1993 (where I was the chairman of the organising committee) for a new goal – to bring and organize the Expo in Izmir.
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
At TURSAB – Turkish Travel Association Office in Izmir with the Minister of Tourism Abdülkadir Ateş (Year 1992?).
From the left fourth Karel Dutilh, sixth Alex Baltazzi. The minister is seated.
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
Alex Baltazzi receiving the honour of the Knight of the Cavaliere from the Italian Consul of İzmir in 2000. From the left, member of the board of directors of the İzmir Italian Chamber of Commerce - Mr Noel Micaleff, myself, The Italian Consul Mr Enrico Valvo, Mr Edouard Levante, former Hon. Vice-Consul of Italy in İskenderun also receiving the same honour.
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
8th September 2006, Alex Baltazzi is being presented by the mayor of Izmir, Aziz Kocaoğlu, an award for his contribution to the development of the Ahmet Priştina City Archives Museum through his documentary donations.