The ancient city of Aleppo as seen in the early 20th century.
Citadel entrance, c. 1950
The town of Aleppo seen from the citadel
Ruins within the citadel
Entrance to the Cheik et Bakr quarter, circa 1910
General View
circa 1910
View of the citadel
Aleppo, place Telal
Rue Telal
Telal Street, appears to be a more European end of the city and from family archives is shown as the birthplace of Charles Anthony Wratislaw
A han in Aleppo
Aleppo Moslem marriage procession
(French?) Military Hospital of Aleppo
Aleppo hotel and the club ‘Cercle des officiers Francais’
Railway station of Aleppo
Railway station of Aleppo in 1911
Rue Delamothe
Proclamation of the autonomy of the province of Aleppo in 1920
Rue Azizieh
It appears Mr Marcopoli was a wealthy European (?) merchant with what appears to be a fine goods store in the picture. He was visited in 1909 by the intrepid traveller Gertrude Bell from whose roof she took at least 2 photos, viewable here 1 & 2: From one of the photos, it appears he had an antiquities collection as well.
Rue Azizieh
Rue Nayal
Nouvelle Rue
German school of Aleppo
The former German School of Aleppo
view in 1930s
view in 1950s
view in 1950s