image courtesy of Görkem Daşkan
1898 map of the region around the Anglican church of St. John, Smyrna.- archive postcard views of the area: - modern views
The ‘Giraud house’ was possibly that of Edgar Giraud was the second son of Frederic and Mary (née Whittall). Around 1894 he had married Anna Purser, whose father Edward Purser was the chief engineer of the Aidin Railway, and by 1898 they already had 4 children (Harold, Maisie, Sophie and Janet) - information courtesy of J.P. Giraud.
Additional information provided by George Vassiadis: The Giraud house on the 19th century map indeed belonged to Edgar Giraud and his wife Anna nee Purser. Edward Purser owned most of the land in this area at the end of the 19th century. The land on which the neighbouring Anglican church was built belonged to him. The Edgar Giraud house served as the British Consulate during the 1950s and later as the Izmir Özel Türk Koleji owned by Bahattin Tatis and attended by Saadet Baltazzi amongst others. The house was demolished at an unknown date, possibly during the 1980s and the site now serves as a car wash.
Information gleaned from Google books on neighbours: John Shotton, who was born in Smyrna on April 4, 1865, died at Baudja near Smyrna on December 17, 1898, ... where he took charge of the locomotive, carriage, and wagon shops of the Aidin Railway, being appointed works manager.
A letter send by William Shotton Junior, possibly the brother of John in 1898, below: